TEMATA believes in making social contribution and becoming an inspiration for others. Aside from the company’s main projects and works, TEMATA FOUNDATION established in 2017 and has been initiating many activities to engage with public and wide communities.

As a manifestation of TEMATA's vision and mission for Indonesia, Temata Foundation was established, a suborganization focuses in social, economic, and cultural initiatives, mainly striving for the humanity causes across
the region in Indonesia.

TEMATA Foundation has partnered with many organizations who share the same spirit in giving back to thecommunity. In a few years back, TEMATA has engaged with with community in Eastern region such as Papua and NTT.


Head of the foundation

Rini Indyastuti

Rini has a long experience to support and contribute community development projects in many places. She dedicated her life to empower the people of Papua on education, health and economic improvement. Since 2015, she arranges free health service for several villages through ”Flying Doctor” Program in Papua. Based on her long experiences, she wants to improve her capacity not only to support people in Papua, but also in other islands in Indonesia.

On The Road

The Foundations

Nusa Tenggara Timur

Verein Indonesia - Schweiz For NTT 2020

Together with VIS (Verein Indonesia - Schweiz), we delivered aid to the residents of Nusa Tenggara Barat's Kecamatan Bayan and Gangga in Lombok Utara, and Desa Lenek in Lombok Timur, as well as Nusa Tenggara Timur's Desa Nelayan Rangko in Labuan Bajo.


Educational Literacy 2020

Temata Foundation collaborated with Veren Indonesia Schweiz, Basler Kurszentrum, and Minak Jinggo Production held the 5th charity activity visiting 5 reading house points in Banyuwangi.


Kamoro Tribe Performance 2018

Empowering Kamoro Culture of Kamoro Tribe, from Mimika province, Papua. TEMATA together with Maramowe Weaiku Kamorowe (MWK) Foundation participated in "Explore Remarkable Indonesia" in Switzerland, on 7-8 April 2018.


Flying Doctors to Wandai 2017

A collaboration between doctorSHARE, Somatua Foundation, and TEMATA Foundation on providing medical check up and assistance for the people in Wandai District, a rural area in Papua.
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